Gust speed animation

Pick the storms you want for gust speed animation, which showing the track and instantaneous 3-second gusts at 3 hour intervals over a 72 hour period.

 Anatol  Lore  Jan 83  8 Jan 91
 Christian (St Jude)  Lothar  Feb 83  Nov 92
 Dagmar (Patrick)  Martin  13 Jan 84  13 Jan 93
 Daria (Burns' Day storm)  Oratia (Tora)  14 Jan 84  23 Jan 93
 Emma  Stephen  Nov 84  Dec 93
 Erwin (Gudrun)  Ulli  Jan 86  Jan 95
 Fanny  Vivian  Mar 86  Feb 96
 Gero  Wiebke  Oct 86  Oct 96
 Great Storm of 87  Xaver  Feb 88  Nov 96
 Herta  Xylia  Nov 88  Mar 97
 Jeanette  Xynthia  8 Feb 90  Jan 02
 Klaus  Yuma  11 Feb 90  Feb 09
 Kyrill  Nov 81  5 Jan 91  Dec 11

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