List of storms

The following 27 storms were selected because they are the top `non-insurance' storms as ranked by the storm severity index Sft = U3maxN. These storms may not have high recorded insurance losses either because they missed large urban areas, or because of incomplete loss data records. See the storm selection for more details.

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Storm Date+ Insured loss (USD, indexed to 2012)** Affected countries Umax++(ms-1) Lowest MSLP*** (hPa) Maximum vorticity+++(10-5-1) Sft****
Nov 81 2/11/1981 NA Denmark and Poland 36.01 979.49 9.42 32.07
Jan 83 18/1/1983 NA Denmark, Poland and Sweden 34.53 959.83 9.72 17.94
Feb 83 1/2/1983 NA Ireland and United Kingdom 32.29 952.87 10.79 24.16
13 Jan 84 13/1/1984 NA Norway and United Kingdom 33.75 942.63 11.02 27.53
14 Jan 84 14/1/1984 NA Netherlands 34.71 961.23 8.00 27.14
Nov 84 23/11/1984 NA France 35.54 964.96 7.54 58.36
* Storm is an addition to the original 50 storms.
+ The date given is the date that the maximum 925hPa windspeed from ERA Interim over the Continental European land mass.
** Insured losses are from Swiss Re Sigma, No 1/2004, No 2/2006, No 2/2009, No 1/2011, No 2/2012 and No 2/2013. Losses have been converted to be indexed to 2012 values. Insured loses for the storms after 2012 are from PERILS indexed to 2014 and converted to USD using 1€ = $1.12.
++ Maximum 925 hPa wind speed from ERA Interim re-analysis data over the Continental European land mass within a 3° radius of the cyclone track
*** Mean sea level pressure from ERA Interim re-analysis data.
+++ Maximum vorticity at 850 hPa from ERA Interim re-analysis data, smoothed to T42 resolution.
**** Sft measures strength of storm and is described in selection section.

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